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Powered Armor Dorvack - Episode 2

Episode two of Powered Armor Dorvack is finally up! In this episode the military attempts to pull off a counter-attack against the enemy by using a new combat spacesuit of sorts. However the captain in charge of the attack refuses to let Masato and his squad participate in the attack. Will things end well for them? Credits: Original Translation Taken From: AnimeMF (Spanish subs) Translation Checkers: Sky79 OP/ED Translations by: Crush-Zombie /r/translator

Quick correction regarding a certain credit for Dorvack

I listed "GDohko" as the sub group responsible for the Spanish subs that I had been using to translate Dorvack into English. This turned out to be a mistake, as they were actually responsible for the Portuguese  subs...😬 AnimeMF, although not listed as an official sub group on AniDB, seems to have been the one responsible for the Spanish subs. I corrected this already in the sub file for episode 1, although I won't be uploading a v2 of the same episode since it's really not worth uploading it again for just one correction like that. However I will  be updating the credits and keeping that in mind for future episodes. Once I get to the point where the whole show will (presumably) be batched together after I'm finished subbing it, the credits for Episode 1 should be fixed by then.

Powered Armor Dorvack - Episode 1

Gonna start this off with a show that I've been wanting to see subbed for some time now: Powered Armor Dorvack. This 1983 show was animated by Ashi Productions and depicts the battle of one special military unit---the Dorvack unit---against a race of aliens who attempt to take over the planet Earth. I don't think this show did very well in Japan but some of the mechas used in the show were brought over to the U.S. and presumably sold as toys that were seemingly part of the Transformers toy-line. For the longest time...only the first episode was, quote unquote, "subbed" by ARR. Just recently they apparently subbed the rest of show but given the low translation quality of the majority of their releases, there's no doubt that they're very much half-assed and rushed. Even if this show isn't the greatest, I don't want to see anybody watching this show with subs like those so I decided to try and properly sub this from the start. Now, this i


Title post is self-explanatory lol. I'm MartyMcflies---you might know me as that one dude from YT who rips 80s Japanese vinyl records. I've also done other stuff on the side, such as working on the Lensman movie/TV fansubbing project alongside /m/subs and TSHS.  There's a handful of old anime out there that I've been wanting to see properly subbed for some time now, but since not many people seem to be up to the task of doing so right now for various reasons, I've decided to undergo through this task myself. I'm not accepting requests at the moment but suggestions are more than welcome. Looking forward to seeing how this goes ;)