Title post is self-explanatory lol.

I'm MartyMcflies---you might know me as that one dude from YT who rips 80s Japanese vinyl records. I've also done other stuff on the side, such as working on the Lensman movie/TV fansubbing project alongside /m/subs and TSHS. 

There's a handful of old anime out there that I've been wanting to see properly subbed for some time now, but since not many people seem to be up to the task of doing so right now for various reasons, I've decided to undergo through this task myself. I'm not accepting requests at the moment but suggestions are more than welcome.

Looking forward to seeing how this goes ;)


  1. I knew it had to be somebody cool using the handle "Lonely Chaser" -and it is. Can't wait to see this show!

  2. Another addition to the gang of back-catalog fansubbers is always welcome news! Good luck with your projects.

  3. Many thanks for throwing your hat into the ring for the old-schoolers.
    Dorvack has been needing some love for such a long, neglected time.
    Thanks for filling the niche.

    1. Shit I haven't touched Dorvack in a while. Maybe I need to get back to that soon....

  4. Hey, Marty! I've been a longtime fan of your YT videos & just discovered your fansubbing page here. I also just started fansubbing & was wondering if we could swap links. My first release was the first ep of "Condorman," the obscure 1975 toku series produced by Toei, which I translated, timed, subbed, & encoded myself. You can check it out at my page here, which is also on blogspot: By September I plan to have ep #3 of Condorman done and will be adding Ginga Shippu Sasuraiger to my project list. I'll be making an official announcement about that on the blog later today. Thanks for carrying the torch for retro anime, and maybe we'll work together some day!

    1. Terribly sorry for the late reply! Totally forgot about this due to work + other stuff.
      "Swap links" as in?...


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