Quick correction regarding a certain credit for Dorvack

I listed "GDohko" as the sub group responsible for the Spanish subs that I had been using to translate Dorvack into English. This turned out to be a mistake, as they were actually responsible for the Portuguese subs...😬

AnimeMF, although not listed as an official sub group on AniDB, seems to have been the one responsible for the Spanish subs. I corrected this already in the sub file for episode 1, although I won't be uploading a v2 of the same episode since it's really not worth uploading it again for just one correction like that. However I will be updating the credits and keeping that in mind for future episodes.

Once I get to the point where the whole show will (presumably) be batched together after I'm finished subbing it, the credits for Episode 1 should be fixed by then.


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