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Hana no Asuka Gumi 2 (English Subbed)

Translation (Rough Draft): Joseph Willis QCing / Translation Fixing / Song Translations: cathoderays Timing / Type-setting: MartyMcflies Now, I know you're probably thinking: 2??? Where's the first one?? What's WRONG with you?! Rest assured, this OVA is not a direct sequel to the first one---in fact it doesn't even have any connections to it whatsoever. I will  admit that it's weird to have subbed the 2nd one and not the 1st one...but rest assured, I'll get to subbing it one day. Not sure when that'll be, though. Anyways, from what it looks like...this OVA seems to be more directly related to the manga than the 1st one. Not really familiar with both so I don't know yet, haha. The OVA itself is alright, though---I'd say most of the interest surrounding it, however, is that the OVA seems to be one of the harder titles out there to track down. Admittedly I hadn't had any interest in acquiring it at the moment