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Powered Armor Dorvack - Episode 04

Been a while, huh? I'm gonna try and make more of an effort to start pumping out the rest of these episodes whenever I can. It didn't take me long to get this timed & translated (though it was a different story in regards to getting this checked for translation errors, lol) so I figure getting the rest of the episodes done shouldn't be much of an issue. (I blame all the LPs I have to edit 😅) Anyways. In this episode, the enemy is constructing a dam for a mysterious purpose---the Dorvack squad are assigned to spy on it. Masato insists that Louie stay behind, but the plan goes awry for the squad when the enemies discover them due to Louie's attempt at saving Masato & Pierre during the spying procedure. While those two decide to rest and let the enemy cool down for a bit, Louie decides to go out on her own and spy on them herself... NOTE: I recently realized that Master Zeras' name is actually pronounced "Zeller",

Choriki Robo Galatt - Episode 01

It's finally here!! Been trying my hardest to get this one out, but I'm officially subbing Choriki Robo Galatt now 😎 Been wanting to see what this show was like after collecting the vinyl OSTs for it a while ago, and considering how much potential this seems to have for being one of the best comedic 80s anime out there, it's pretty sad to see it get neglected. Low-quality raws, no interest in getting translated...also the first episode to this was quote-unquote "subtitled" by ARR a while ago, but we already know how much of a joke they are by now. The show deserves better, so luckily I've decided to change that. The first step was to get the DVDs for this show...they were ridiculously expensive ($400+!!) but I guess having a well-paying job pays off, no? 🙈 Anyways I decided to purchase them and send them over to starseeker from /m/subs to have them encoded. Many thanks to her for that!! Huge thanks to Joseph Willis for translating this, and to Sky79 for