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Sonic Soldier Borgman - Batch Torrent #1 (Episodes 01 - 04)

Image So...this might come across as a surprise. A batch torrent? And why so early into the show? Well, as it turns out: one of the only (proper) English translation projects for Borgman—a super old fansub from many years ago—only made it up to Episode 04 before ultimately getting dropped. As such, I kinda just felt like making a batch torrent to compile the exact same number of episodes that said fansub group reached before calling it quits. Can't help it! By the way, this batch torrent also utilizes a couple of changes I made for Episodes 01 through 03. They aren't much, but I'll list them anyways: 1. Fixed a few typos that were missed in Episode 2 2. Changed the "Borg, get on" catchphrase by dropping the comma after "Borg". Official sources seem to have it written out without the comma, so I want to have the subs reflect that. Same goes for the "Battle get on" catchphrase that's used in one of these episodes as w

Choriki Robo Galatt - Episode 09

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Michael & Patty attempt to participate in their city's 100th Annual Grand Race, but unbeknownst to them, two men from the Syndicate plan to wreak havoc in an attempt to bring out Galatt...gasp!!!!