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Sonic Soldier Borgman - Episode 5

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Chuck and Anice take the students out for a field trip, until a new demon shows up to terrorize them with, and I quote..."a whole ass tank!". Scary! Meanwhile Ryo receives a new upgrade to his motorcycle, one which may just defeat the enemy... NOTE: Unrelated to the episode's plot at hand, but I have decided to raise the subs up just a tiny bit compared to the previous episodes—those will be fixed & updated at a later point to reflect said change.

Kentauros no Densetsu / The Legend of Kentauros (1987) + VHS Omake [16mm 1080p HD Scan]

Image I present to you guys another collaboration with FemboyFilms, and one that I've been REALLY looking forward to releasing for some time now 🤠 This is an English fansub of the 1987 movie "Kentauros no Densetsu", based off the manga of the same name. To date, this movie unfortunately still hasn't made it past VHS/LD officially, but that changes with this release. This fansub utilizes an HD scan taken straight from a 16mm copy of the movie! I secured the reels from a Yahoo Auctions JP listing in 2019—only until a few months did I finally get it scanned thanks to the guys at FemboyFilms. After the movie was scanned & encoded, I took it upon myself to carefully stitch the audio track from the VHS version of the movie onto the 16mm scan, as it used optical mono audio that I wasn't satisfied with. LOTS of tiring edits had to made,'s finally done. Also included with the movie is a subbed version of an omake that only plays a