Scramble Wars - Tsuppashire! Genom Trophy Rally + Special
Fansubs credits can be found in the link above.

This is a new version of Artmic's Scramble Wars OVA that utilizes a newly-recorded raw capped at 59.94 FPS, using a DdD. Subs are taken from the Dense release, which in turn were originally taken from the 90s AnimEigo VHS subbed release. Various edits have been made to the subs, but for the most part it is generally the same.

Also included in this release is a "Making Of" special of the OVA's ED theme—this plays after the OVA ends. Originally this was even included (and subbed) in the AnimEigo VHS release, but for whatever reason this wasn't included in Dense's release...

Special thanks to Windii for helping transfer the AnimEigo subs of the ED special onto the newly recorded LD raw.
Anyways, enjoy! 


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