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Getter Robo Go - Episode 4

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Sho gets concerned about the Getter Robo's current inability to use two weapons at once, fearing it may put the mecha in danger later on...seems like her fears become reality once Gou is tasked with fighting the next Mecha Beast near a nuclear power plant. The suspense!

Getter Robo Go - Episode 3

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Unrelated note, but GOD it is so stressful managing a fansub project knowing that a lack of volunteers at any given point during said project can put everything on hold. I wish things were much more simple than this. Anyways, I digress. In today's episode, a new monster wrecks havoc in Hokkaido while a new weapon is being developed for the Getter Robo. Attempts are made to distract the monster, and hilarity ensues.  Side-note: Gou's name had previously been translated as "Go" in the previous episodes, but starting with this one I will be reverting to "Gou" instead. I will fix the name in Episodes 1 & 2 once I release the first batch for this show. BTW, episode 4 is already translated but I'm going to give it a look myself before I put up eventually. Will probably throw it up on Nyaa next week. (Another side note, a HUGE thanks to  inaringo for volunteering to do TLC'ing