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Momoko Kikuchi in: Sotsugyou -GRADUATION- (1985)

  (UPDATE 8/26/22: Link removed. Check the blog for a v2 release) English fansub credits can be found in the link above. English fansubbed version of a 1985 TV drama starring Momoko Kikuchi. The drama tells the story of Momoko Watanabe—a student who, upon visiting a shrine in order to wish good luck on a friend of hers, witnesses a murder in the forest...and she knows the culprit! Unfortunately, she doesn't have it in her to tell anybody about it, and to make matters worse, said aforementioned friend gets accused of the murder...what comes next? Watch and find out! So, a couple of notes regarding this release, and the movie in general. -This encode is taken from a Momoko Kikuchi CD + DVD boxset I bought myself—this is the first time the movie had ever been released on home media. The movie was originally broadcasted in stereo but the DVD version utilizes some crusty mono audio. Good news? I have the stereo mix, provided by a kind JP YT user. The bad news? I had intended on stitchin

Getter Robo Go - Episode 6

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Professor Tachibana gets kidnapped by Randou's minions while en route to an important government meeting, and gets brutally slain in the end...nah I'm just kidding. He does get kidnapped, but do you really  think they'd kill him off so quickly? Especially right after Shinichi's death? Hell no!! As usual, enjoy.

TWD Express - Rolling Takeoff (1987)

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. This is an English-fansubbed version of TWD Express, an anime adaptation of a manga by Yuki Hijiri that was screened in theaters alongside "MAPS". "TWD Express" is a transportation company (managed by Ken, Duke, and Ivan) that specializes in delivering goods from one planet to another, but unfortunately the trio are usually poor due to their inability to complete the dangerous jobs they receive. However, things change when they rescue a girl on the run from a mysterious entity... Orphan Fansubs' LD raw was used for this release—apparently Shochiku did an awful job at mastering this for Laserdisc, so as a result the quality here is kind of wonky. Sorry! Despite that, I think it's still tolerable enough and shouldn't deter your enjoyment of this anime. Enjoy!

Getter Robo Go - Episode 5

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Gou, still suffering from the poison he breathed in from the previous episode, rests in the medical facility—meanwhile, Gai attempts to pilot the Getter Robo for the first time as a new Metal Beast attacks Japan once more... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some translation notes: Just like the change I made with Gou's name some time ago, Rando will now be referred to as "Randou" from now on. Once again, this will be fixed in the previous episodes when the first batch for the show is up. Also: apparently there was a mistranslation in one of the OP lines (Me no naka de machi wa owaranai / But the road won't end in my eyes)—"road" should actually be "city" in this instance, so this has now been fixed and will be reflected in future episodes.