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Patalliro - Stardust Project (35mm 4k Scan)

Image Back with another subbed film scan upload! This was scanned by the kind folks at Kineko Video, at 4k. Some restoration was applied in a few scenes throughout the movie, but not the entire thing. CC was not done on this since the colors look fine enough already. This is an English fansub of "Patalliro: Stardust Project", a short 48 min-ish film released in theaters. I haven't seen the show yet, so I'm assuming this takes place (story-wise) after it—but this tells the story of Tarantella, an evil organization wishing to take over the world by creating a super weapon made using diamonds they stole around the globe. Only Patalliro & Bancoran can put a stop to it, but Bancoran has to come face-to-face with a past lover of his, now working for the evil Tarantella... This was purchased by me from Yahoo Auctions some time ago, for...quite a hefty price 🥴. I don't think this was originally included with the movie but there happened to be a