Itoshi no Betty - Mamonogatari (1986)
Fansub credits can be found in the link above.

Here's an English fansub of an anime released in 1986, based off the manga by 
Kazuo Koike & Seisaku Kano. This was originally screened in theaters alongside Amon Saga, and despite it being labeled as "Adult Animation" due to its contents, this doesn't classify as a hentai (though it's pretty'd know after watching).

Like most of the titles I've been fansubbing, I came across the existence of this title after having found out first about its super-rare vinyl-only soundtrack release. Did some even more digging on the internet and all I could find were unseeded raw torrents for this title, plus a shitty release by Kingmenu...decided to nab a copy of the VHS from YAJP and begin working from there.

The VHS has some issues unfortunately—some audio dropouts here and there but they only show up a couple of times, and it's nothing that detracts from the viewing experience. Maybe I'll release a new version if a better copy comes up online, but for now, unlikely. Will be sticking with this one for now.



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