D-1 Devastator 01

Fansub credits can be found in the link above.

My first joint project ever! Inka-Subs and I have collaborated together to finally begin subbing D-1 Devastator—a two-episode OVA released in 1992 that tells the story of 
Ryou, who joins the vehicle company Yaes to follow in the footsteps of his missing friend Masato. Upon joining, he discovers the existence of a monster-filled mysterious dimensional space that can only be entered upon reaching 300 km/h—and thus, here begins the attempt of Ryou and his crew to fight back against these invasive creatures. Meanwhile, the president of Yaes seems to have other plans in mind...

This was an original project by Takara that was intended to be a multi-media franchise consisting of OSTs (of which only one was released, ironically...), video games, this OVA, and a manga work. However, once the plan actually came into fruition, it was made clear that some aspects of the OVA couldn't have been understood without having read the manga in advance—as a result, this sold poorly and forced Takara to exit the video industry.

Previously, only the first episode had been subbed...by ARR of all people. Self-explanatory. And so began this project :)

Episode 2 will come out whenever we can get to it.

Read InkaSubs's write-up here:


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