Bari Bari Densetsu - Episode 2
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Continuing off from Episode 1, here's Episode 2 of the 80s Bari Bari Densetsu OVA. Here, Gun & Hideyoshi reluctantly collaborate with each other at the request of Miyuki for the purpose of participating in their first professional motorcycling racing event.

I don't dislike the first episode by any means...but something I neglected to mention when I wrote the post for it was that you could easily tell that the OVA was just simply a compilation of multiple random(?) manga chapters re-purposed into a single OVA. As a result, to me at least, there isn't really a clear plot to Episode 1. Not that this is a bad thing, as I've actually subbed similar material myself before—it just simply threw off my expectations is all. BC of it, I don't feel strongly about Ep. 1. How I feel about this kind of storytelling really depends on my mood and how interested I am in the title itself.

Episode 2, on the other hand? HUGE improvement over Episode 1. It's got better BGM, a more interesting storyline to go along with it—heck, I don't even want to spoil anything cause it would ruin the excitement otherwise but the first 5 min of the OVA instantly caught my attention and had me wondering throughout the rest of the OVA how it would conclude.

It is also for this reason that I'm damn well disappointed that there were no further plans to continue the OVA beyond this point. All that was released after was a compilation movie...and that's it.

There's a good chance that this could get a new anime adaptation someday, which I'd happily watch, but it very likely won't have the same feels as the 80s OVAs have. It is what it is...

Anyways, some final notes: a VHD rip was used for Episode 1 but we've changed video sources this time. An SDBD for this was released in Japan a few months ago and, shockingly enough, is in much higher quality than anything that's been released previously. So, what you see here in this episode is sourced directly from that SDBD.

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