Tongari Boushi no Memole - Episode 01
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TL;DR—this is another collaboration I'm doing with Inka Subs. We actually happen to have the whole show translated but only the first few have been edited (or are in the process of being edited) so far. The plan is to release these episode-by-episode and compile them into batches later.

The long version:

Memole was one of those anime shows I admittedly didn't know about for a while but I got invested into it the more I began checking it out. The art is by far probably the most beautiful that I've ever seen for an 80s anime show, and it has music by Nozomi Aoki to go along with that... I think I read somewhere that the staff wanted to make this show as if you were reading a storybook of sorts, and they absolutely nailed it with that look & feel.

Naturally, I wanted to see if subs existed online, and unfortunately they didn't. Yume—whose services I've been using for the majority of my projects—told me that this show was a dream project of his and that he had been wanting to work on it for a long time, so after some talking with the folks at Inka, I went and commissioned Yume to get the whole show translated. Overall, the translation took about 5-6 months. The rest is being handled by Inka Subs—typesetting, TLC, etc., but I'm helping out with QC as well.

I think that's about it. I announced the project on Twitter a while back but based off the replies I got, it would seem that a lot of people grew up watching this as kids—albeit, in different languages. I hope these very same people enjoy watching this in its original language with English subs :^)

Please look forward for more episodes!

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