Getter Robo Go - Episode 22

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. The Silent Dragon, a nuclear submarine belonging to the UN Peace Forces, suddenly declares war on the whole world, with its captain—a former friend of Tachibana's—intending to become the world's next modern Alexander the Great. The Getter crew track him down in order to talk some sense into him, but Randou intends to convince the captain to join his side instead...

Bari Bari Densetsu - Episode 2

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Continuing off from Episode 1, here's Episode 2 of the 80s Bari Bari Densetsu OVA. Here, Gun & Hideyoshi reluctantly collaborate with each other at the request of Miyuki for the purpose of participating in their first professional motorcycling racing event. I don't dislike the first episode by any means...but something I neglected to mention when I wrote the post for it was that you could easily tell that the OVA was just simply a compilation of multiple random(?) manga chapters re-purposed into a single OVA. As a result, to me at least, there isn't really a clear  plot to Episode 1. Not that this is a bad thing, as I've actually subbed similar material myself before—it just simply threw off my expectations is all. BC of it, I don't feel strongly about Ep. 1. How I feel about this kind of storytelling really depends on my mood and how interested I am in the title itself. Episode 2, on th

Getter Robo Go - Episode 21

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above.  Rasetsu devises a new plan to destroy the NISAR HQ by capturing Professor Reiner & his grandson Jack, and later forces Reiner to construct a new laser weapon capable of removing the energy shields that protect NISAR from any incoming missile attacks. Unfortunately for the Getter Robo crew, when they set out to rescue Reiner & Jack, they discover that the two are held hostage inside of Rasetsu's new Metal Beast...

Getter Robo Go - Episode 20

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. After Randou reveals to his minions that the Getter Robo's weakest form is the marine form, the Baron Yasha brothers attempt to lure out Getter Robo once again by designing a new Metal Beast that ambushes & attacks tankers headed straight for Japan. However, Gou's Getter One gets damaged while fighting and results in a malfunction that introduces a small chance of all Getter pilots exploding during the combination process... Will they succeed? (Judging by the above screenshot, seems like they did :^)

Getter Robo Go - Episode 19

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Rasetsu, using her powers, summons a Metal Beast back from hell which the Getter Robo team had previously defeated some episodes ago—additionally, she curses Sho at the same time and places her in a very weakened state, all while the revived Metal Beast prepares to attack Big NISAR. Despite her condition, Sho heads out anyways in her Getter Two alongside Gou & Gai to fight against this new enemy—meanwhile, she sees a certain someone in a vision of sorts whom she hasn't seen in quite a while...

Getter Robo Go - Episode 18

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. The Baron Yasha brothers devise a new plan to lure Getter Robo into a small mine with the purpose of challenging them to another fight. The problem? Getter Robo Go is unable to use its weapons due to the risk of destroying the mine and possibly burying themselves if they do so. All hope seems lost...until Gou remembers some pro-wrestling techniques that were introduced to him by Dr. Pochi's nephew, who visited Big NISAR earlier. Perhaps he can put them into use here?

Mini Yon Soldier Rin! (16mm 1080p HD Scan)

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Another collab with Kineko Video—this one slightly has an interesting backstory to it! Mini Yon Soldier Rin  was released in 1989 on VHS only by some label I'm not familiar with—it later got re-issued by SEGA themselves. This OVA (which is the length of an average TV anime episode) tells the story of a kid champion of Mini 4WD races who, after winning a major competition, gets challenged by a psychic to race him in a life-size version of the race track used in the aforementioned competition. Hilarity ensues after. I couldn't find much info surrounding this OVA online. Take this with a grain of salt, as I don't remember where I got this from, but I think the OVA was produced to cash in on the Mini 4WD boom in Japan. Considering the OVA's obscurity, I don't think it was successful... I'm not into Mini 4WD racing all that much but I definitely think this could have benefited from a few se