Getter Robo Go - Episode 27

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. The Getter crew are asked to conduct a land survey of the reclaimed land belonging to Genkai Bay City, which Gou initially refuses to do...until he finds out the project overseer is a beautiful girl. SIMP! Anyways, upon arrival, the crew find out that the city is actually nearing total destruction due to the number of earthquakes that had been hitting it beforehand—due to the project overseer's reluctance to do anything about it, Shou takes it upon herself to warn its citizens to evacuate before it's too late. Meanwhile, a nearby Rasetsu—who had only planned on destroying both the city and its research center—gets caught by surprise seeing Getter Robo there and decides to use the opportunity to try and take down both the city & Getter Robo...

Sweet Home (1989) [LD] + Extras

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Subbed version of a 1989 JP horror film that's currently stuck on VHS/LD, but seemingly later went on to inspire the Resident Evil franchise? Not the movie, I mean the movie's Famicom adataption. When this movie was released on home media, the director sued the production company over royalties with regards to the VHS/LD releases, and over concerns about whether the movie would have been edited without his consent. The director lost the lawsuit, and since then this has not been re-released by Toho, presumably because it has left a bad taste in their mouth and they don't wish to associate with it anytime soon. I had known about this movie for a while now but wasn't prioritizing it in my "to-watch" list. It wasn't until I was approached by Kineko Video when I found out that this movie both had shitty English subs (not surprising for fansubbed Asian live-action movies, sadly) and a

Choriki Robo Galatt - Episode 18

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Neinstein discovers the secret of Galatt's size expansion ability and attempts to use it against the Galatt team—teaming up with Yuasa, the two yet again attempt to take down Galatt once and for all. Meanwhile, Sakuko attempts to get medicine for Doctor Kiwi to cure a hemorrhoid he goes down exactly as you'd expect it.

Tantei Monogatari - Episode 3

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. I've not put out any episodes from this show since Feb. embarrassing! Even more so considering this had (sorta) been nearly finished months ago, and probably could have been posted by then if I had put in the effort for it. However I did  say I'd work on this at my own pace, so sorry for those who were expecting consistent uploads of these. I'd like to put out maybe another episode or two this year, but as usual: no promises. Anyways, in today's episode: Shunsaku is tasked with wiretapping and following a female lawyer who’s representing a suspect involved in an arson case—the lawyer is digging into a possible insurance fraud scheme because she’s convinced her client is being framed, and it later gets confirmed when Shunsaku gets involved. They both team up to investigate this further while various people attempt to get rid of them through various means... Also: I don't usually

Getter Robo Go - Episode 26

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Rasetsu uses the Jaiganshin as a decoy to lure Getter Robo away from Big NISAR—Baron Yasha, with their newly-developed Metal Beast, uses this opportunity to sneak into NISAR and take control of the energy shield system to lock out Getter Robo & prevent them from re-entering. The Big NISAR crew race against time to prevent Baron Yasha from tracking down the shield generator, as its destruction can also result in the complete obliteration of Big NISAR itself. (Side note: I feel like this plot was already done before, sometime earlier in the show—but I don't remember...)

The Kabocha Wine - Nita's Love Story (35mm 4k HD Scan)

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Another collab with Kineko Video—this time it's a 35mm HD scan of a 24-min short film based off the anime "The Kabocha Wine"! This was originally screened at a festival Toei held where they also put up various movies they made, ranging from live-action to anime. For a while, this had only ever gotten a VHS release before getting its first ever DVD release 10-ish years ago or so—it was included in a compilation DVD of other movies from the festival Toei held. I purchased this on 35mm quite some time ago but finally managed to get this scanned by the folks at Kineko recently. This still doesn't have an official HD release yet so this is as good as it will probably get for a while. Anyways, for the plot: Nita brings home a puppy which the residents of Sunshine Academy begin to assume is his. Shunsuke, Elle, and the others help raise it, but a delinquent biker boy uses the opportunity to trick Ell

Choriki Robo Galatt - Episode 17

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Michael and Patty suspect that Jumbow & Pattyge have something wrong with them after experiencing some unusual activities from the two mechas. Doctor Kiwi insists that they're just simply tired, but Jumbow & Pattyge decide to go off on their own one night to figure out the problem themselves... Meanwhile another member of the Space Syndicate, this time a bomb-crazed individual named TNT (lol) is dispatched to Earth to search for the Galatt team in order to take them down.