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Itoshi no Betty - Mamonogatari (1986)

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Here's an English fansub of an anime released in 1986, based off the manga by  Kazuo Koike & Seisaku Kano. This was originally screened in theaters alongside Amon Saga, and despite it being labeled as "Adult Animation" due to its contents, this doesn't classify as a hentai (though it's pretty'd know after watching). Like most of the titles I've been fansubbing, I came across the existence of this title after having found out first about its super-rare vinyl-only soundtrack release. Did some even more digging on the internet and all I could find were unseeded raw torrents for this title, plus a shitty release by Kingmenu...decided to nab a copy of the VHS from YAJP and begin working from there. The VHS has some issues unfortunately—some audio dropouts here and there but they only show up a couple of times, and it's nothing that detracts from the viewing experie

Sonic Soldier Borgman - Episode 9

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. The completion of Megalo City is near, and to celebrate a water race is being held. Chuck and Ryo join for the purpose of competing against one another, but plans are put aside when a nearby jail goes haywire and its prisoners rebel, under the control of yet another demon... This episode was really funny. The water race is supposed to be a fun one and yet you can not ONE, not TWO, but MULTIPLE fucking people just crash and explode into various walls during the race!! It's never elaborated upon. Heck they may even have just died and the show goes on like it's nothing lmao Anyways, enjoy!

Don Matsugorou no Seikatsu (1983)

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Another collaboration with Kineko Video! This time it's an English fansub of a TV anime special by Toei that only aired once on TV. This is the first adaptation (out of many) of  Hisashi Inoue's novel of the same name, and the only animated work based off it. This chronicles the misadventures of "Donmatsu", a dog with the special ability of reading, writing (though not showcased here in the anime), and being able to speak/communicate with humans. From helping stray dogs escape to falling in love with a restaurant owner's dog, a lot sure happens here! Regarding the scan itself: The scan has a few issues, of which a Betamax TV recording of the anime was needed in order to fix them. Some scenes that were absent from this 16mm copy had to be patched in from the Betamax version, and likewise the special's first few seconds of audio had to be patched in from the same Betamax copy since it

Choriki Robo Galatt - Episode 11

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. This episode is the first one of a 4-part arc that plays out from 11 to 14, where Michael & friends get stranded on an alien planet and must find a way to get back to Earth. Hilarity ensues in each part, unsurprisingly. In this part the gang begin by attempting to look for a part-time job in order to get fuel for their mechas. Previous villains from the previous episodes show up here, BTW! On an unrelated note—the other episodes in this 4-part arc have been fully subbed, save for one part. I'll probably post the remaining episodes via several-week gaps within each other.

Be-Bop High School (1985)

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Here's an incredibly funny story as to how this project came to fruition: I had gotten ahold of this movie's soundtrack on vinyl without actually knowing it was (partially) a movie OST until I had looked deeper in the album's liner notes and saw film staff getting credited in it. After having done some digging, I eventually came across a subbed release of this movie on a private torrent site. (FYI, said release is the only known English-subbed release online to my knowledge, and it's still only available on private torrent sites as of me writing this out) Only problem? I had never managed to watch the whole thing because the timing on the subs was AWFUL. I see this a lot with Asian live-action works for some reason but the lines almost always  only appear on-screen literally like a second or two after a character starts speaking. It's jarring. Anyways. I had intended on re-timing the whole

Sonic Soldier Borgman - Episode 8

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Molly and her friends discover a flower bed & attempt to keep it a secret in order to show it off to their friends, but sometimes even the most beautiful of things can kill from the inside...