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Astro Boy (2003) - Interview Documentary

9-minute documentary featuring short interviews from some of the staff members behind the 2003 anime version of Osamu Tezuka's Astro Boy . Pretty brief, but still worth a watch imo. Original translation: Joseph Willis  Translation QCing : Sky79  Timing: MartyMcflies & Sky79  Type-setting: MartyMcflies

Kyoufu Densetsu - Kaiki! Frankenstein (1981)

Translation: purpleparrotking  Timing/typesetting: MartyMcflies This...was quite the interesting project, and I feel like the editing that I had to go through with this perfectly fits the whole Frankenstein theme and all lol. Basically...this only aired once on Japanese TV and never seemed to re-air after that, nor was it released on any form of Japanese home media as well. Although various dubs exist on VHS/cassette...neither of them are that good.  However, out of all those dubs, there're only two that seem to be better than the others: the Italian dub and the Swedish dub. Why them? The incredibly rare DVD releases for both dubs contained exactly what I needed to commence this project. The Italian DVD contained the original Japanese audio while the the video source for the Swedish dub was literally the original Japanese TV broadcast footage itself!!  Sadly both were flawed to an extent. The Swedish committed a crime by censoring most violent footage from the anime and u