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Sonic Soldier Borgman - Episode 2

Image Fansub credits can be found in the link above. Episode 2 of Sonic Soldier Borgman. This is a continuation of Episode 1, and Anice's Borgman form is at long last introduced here.

Wonder Beat Scramble - Pilot & Profile

Image Fansubbing credits can be found in the torrent description in the above link. Here's a little something I've been meaning to get subbed for a while now! Wonder Beat Scramble was an 80s TV anime show about the adventures of the Wonder Beat  crew as they fight off aliens that invade human bodies in search of a key to the secret of life. Osamu Tezuka was a supervisor for this show and it happened to be the very last TV anime Tezuka was ever involved with before his passing several years later. The now out-of-print DVD set for Wonder Beat S includes as an extra an early pilot version of one of the show's episodes, plus a short "profile" extra that introduces the show and its characters to the viewer. The character designs shown here are vastly different than their final designs used for the show later. Enjoy!!

Twinkle NORA Rock Me! - The Extraction (Behind the Scenes)

Image Check the torrent link above for the fansub credits. This is a short special that was included on the LD for "Twinkle NORA Rock Me!". Included in here are some interviews with a few staff members, a few members from the VIGILANTE band that performed the OVA's BGM, and one from NORA's VA herself.  Enjoy!

Tera Senshi PSI BOY (1985)

Image Credits for the fansub can be found in the link above. Just in time for the movie's 36th anniversary!! This is a fun cheesy movie from the 80s featuring Momoko Kikuchi that tells the story of a high school student who discovers one day that she has psychic powers. She, alongside several other students with the same powers, attempt to take down an evil Esper that wishes to take over the world with an army of psychic soldiers that he is slowly building. Momoko also attempts to fix her past during the adventure... I had subbed this years ago but I only kept it exclusively uploaded onto YouTube at the time—said upload has since then been taken down from someone that worked on the movie unfortunately! So this time I'm keeping this version of the movie on Nyaa for now. This version of the fansub uses a new encode of the movie, taken straight from an official DVD version of the movie that is sadly only currently included in a now out-of-print (and rather