Choriki Robo Galatt - Batch Torrent #1 (Episodes 01 - 08)

Here's the first batch for Choriki Robo Galatt, containing all the episodes I've currently subbed so far—it being 01 through 08. This batch is to help organize the episodes into one single torrent to make it easier for people to download, but also to give me an opportunity to update several things within the subs for these episodes where needed. I'll also be deleting the torrents I uploaded for the individual uploads previously as a result of this.

In the case of this particular batch...pretty much every episode had to be updated, though it's mostly minor things. A list of the updates can be found below:

1. OP English subs have been updated for the first few episodes to keep it consistent with the rest

2. Timing for the OP/ED subs have been changed
Previously I had them timed to the actual singing during the OP/ED but I've decided to have them timed to whenever the lyrics show up & disappear on-screen instead.

3. Changed "Professor" to "Doctor"
I don't know how I missed this, but I had Kiwi's name laid out as a "Professor" when he literally refers to himself as "Dokutaa" (Doctor) in one of the episodes...I completely forgot if the more recent episodes have this addressed as such, but I know for sure the early episodes didn't have this, so this has been fixed.

4. First episode had Kiwi's name written as "Kyuui"—not incorrect by all means, but I'm changing it to Kiwi accordingly to make it consistent with the other episodes.

5. Changed Sea Lion's name to Rakko in Episode 3

6. Made some minor adjustments to the ED lyrics in Episode 1

7. Episode 8 had a Beat Takeshi reference which was missed the first time—this has been addressed and fixed now


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