Getter Robo Go - Episode 1
Fansub credits can be found in the link above.

Truth be told, I had only barely heard about this show before, but it wasn't until recently when I discovered the 1st OP for this...shit immediately got me hooked and I figured I had to check this show out lol

It's a long show, yes, and it seems crazy that I'd already pick up a 3rd show to get subbed when I'm already working on two other shows—but the difference here with Getter Robo Go versus Galatt & Borgman?

This already has Japanese subtitles.

So, really, getting this subbed shouldn't be an issue. It's just a matter of fixing the timing on said subs, and getting someone else to check the translation of the English subs after those get translated.

That's really it for now. Regardless, enjoy!


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