Daikyouryuu Jidai (The Age of the Great Dinosaurs)

Fansub credits can be found in the link above.

This is an original TV special created entirely by Shotaro Ishinomori, telling the story of three kids who are taken by a flying saucer that sends them back in time to the dinosaur age in order to...learn about empathy? Yeah, just your typical anime plot 🦛

I had discovered this anime for the first time years ago when I was looking through info for the anime's soundtrack release—I couldn't find any JP raws online nor could I find evidence that this was ever released on DVD, so I was under the impression this never got a home media release at all. (EDIT: actually, as of me writing this out, I've just discovered that there was a Betamax release of all things...)

Fast forward to several months ago. I discover a high-quality clip of the anime uploaded onto YT by a Korean user, with the keywords "DVDrip" in the title!! I searched once more for evidence of a DVD release but once again I could not find anything. The Korean user in question was also being a gatekeeping dick and didn't want to tell anyone where the DVD was sourced from.
To make a long story short, I found out from various people that the special was included in a Shotaro Ishinomori anniversary compilation DVD—not once, but twice! And so I purchased the DVD to get it ripped & subbed eventually...and here we are.

I'll be blunt, I didn't like this anime lol. BUT, I do think it's worth at least one watch. Not something you should avoid or anything.



  1. A dub of this aired on Australian TV back in the early 80's. Surprisingly, almost nothing was cut despite the often grisly violence.

  2. This movie was also released on DVD in Italy. In addition, Harmony Gold licensed it back in the 80's for the West only cutting the japanese texts. A Latin American Spanish dub aired on various LATAM TV's in the late 80's and released on VHS some years later, based on the Harmony Gold dub of course.

  3. You are an outstanding person. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Thank you so much for everything you've done.

  4. This meant a lot to kids that grew with the dinosaur craze of the 80s.Not often would they show an animated feature where you could see their violent nature, except in fantasy bmovies like late 70s planet of the dinosaurs.

    Though after watching the original, the dub cut and simplified a lot of content in scientific explanations and the empathy moments. It listed many more theories as to why dinosaurs went extinct, even though most are outdated now. A pity really. The dub only had 1/3rf of the dialogue. I watched the Greek dub but this, too was based on the English.They translate empathy as "spiritual communication through love". A little irrelevant.


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