California Crisis (1986)
Fansubs credits can be viewed in the link above.

Another co-production with Kineko Video! This time it's a new version of the 1986 OVA California Crisis, utilizing a newly-recorded raw of the anime provided by them. Thanks!

Several incorrectly-translated lines/typos found in the previous versions (in both the dialogue & main theme song lyrics) have been fixed up for this release, and lyrics have now been provided for the OVA's insert songs—many thanks to yaoiboy92 for providing their scans of the theme song single w/the lyrics :)
Lyrics were also added in for the opening song, too. Despite being the same song used in the ED it was never subbed in previous versions for whatever reason.
(Off-tangent, but I am not surprised that the insert songs weren't translated previously before—the only record containing lyrics to them was, and still is, overpriced at the time of subbing. Thankfully this single was re-pressed in 2018, making access to said lyrics easier than before)

The upgrade in quality between this version and the previous ones isn't too high, but currently this stands as the highest-quality version of the OVA available on the net. Hopefully this can change one day if film reels for this ever pop up...


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